As many of you know, myself and one of our other co-founders/stylists, Rachael, are both currently expecting our first child. And by “expecting” – I mean these babies could arrive at ANY MOMENT! With both of our due dates within the next few weeks, we are busy getting everything ready for these babies to be here. Final touches on the nurseries, packing our hospital bags, reading and studying on what is going on with our bodies and what to do when the babies get here, and so much more!

For all the mommies out there, you know that there are a lot of new things you have to purchase to get ready for a baby. One of the most important essentials? You guessed it, a good diaper bag! This bag basically become your purse, your survival bag, your emergency kit, the bag that holds all your essentials if you plan to leave your house. Because this bag is about to become your best friend, your partner in crime, so of course you want to make sure its great. Thankfully, there are so many great diaper bags out there that have many features that you will want and need. However, in our humble opinion, we think we have found the diaper bag of all diaper bags! It combines style and function in the most perfect of ways. We obviously love style and if there is going to be a bag that we have to carry with us everywhere, we want it to add to our look, not take away from it. This diaper bag fits the bill. Not only is it beautifully chic, but it’s incredibly versatile.

Drumroll please….Fawn Design! These diaper bags are fabulous – made of faux leather so that they are easy to clean, but they have the lush look of real leather. They can be worn both as shoulder bag OR a backpack. Not only is this on point with the backpack trend, but it is also ideal for when you need to be hands-free with your little one in tow. This bag combines style and sophistication with space and functionality. With a total of nine pockets (four outer pockets, give inner pockets), you will have all you need to keep all your mommy supplies organized. We love the look of it so much, we are guilty of carrying it BEFORE our babies have even arrived – it doubles as a great carry-on! What’s not to love about a functional diaper bag that doesn’t LOOK like a diaper bag?   We are SOLD.

What else do we love about Fawn Design? It’s roots. Founded by Jenny Wecker, a young mom and entrepreneur who decided there was something missing in the diaper bag market. Jenny learned to sew when she was five, and her and some friends were brainstorming on ways to earn some extra cash while her husband was in still in school and both were employed full-time. The idea of a diaper bag came about, and the design and look of the bag was a hit from the start. So much so that Jenny couldn’t keep up with the demand of her customers – she was sewing each bag of by hand! Thankfully they were able to raise enough money from customers and fans of the bags to be able to start having them manufactured, and they haven’t looked back since.

We love the fact that Jenny’s story shows you that any little dream or idea is possible to make into a reality. Fawn Design currently carries these bags in four different colors – black, brown, gray, and blush. These bags are so popular that they are often sold out, so if you know you want one and they are not sold out, I would suggest pulling the trigger immediately! If they are sold out, make sure you sign up for their e-mail list to ensure you are informed when they restock so you can snag one before they are gone again.

We are beyond excited to welcome these babies in the world soon, and are so glad to already have our Fawn Design diaper bags in tow and ready to go! Whether you are a mommy-to-be or a veteran mom who is willing to admit their diaper bag doesn’t measure up, head to buy yours today 🙂